The Revolution in Body Contouring

Penrith now has ONDA! the first device of it’s kind that can


Onda® is the first device of its kind to utilise an energy source that can simultaneously target fat, cellulite and lax skin. ONDA Coolwaves delivers heat to the ideal depth to simultaneously break down the fibrous tissue that causes cellulite and produce irreversible damage to the fat cells.  Over the next 6-12 weeks the damaged fat cells are gradually removed and taken away via the lymphatic system. New collagen is formed to tighten lax skin and improve cellulite.

  1. Heating the fat cells changes their metabolism and affects the integrity of their outer membranes.
  2. The fat cells then release micro drops of fat through a process called “blebbing”.
  3. Blebbing gets so intense that the cells membrane loses structural integrity. The cell membrane ruptures, and the fat cell is destroyed.
  4. The droplets of fat that are poured into the space between the cells, stimulates an influx of inflammatory cells (macrophages) from the blood. These macrophages clean up waste!
  5. The macrophages then take the waste into the lymphatic system where it is drained away & eliminated from the body.
Think of the area underneath your skin as having rooms (fat lobules) cellulite occurs when these are filled with excess fat and water, when the room fills up the roof pushes up but where the walls (septa) are attached to the ceiling the roof stays lower and it creates a bumpy appearance.  
ONDA effects cellulite in 2 ways:
  1. Through a direct action on the collagen septa, in particular in the upper part towards the dermis, nearby the anchor points. As the septa get softened by the Coolwaves™, they are regenerated with new and more elastic fibres of collagen.
  2. Through reducing the volume of fat cells.  With the reduction in fat volume, there is less outward pressure on the skin, leading to an improved microcirculation, better lymphatic drainage and therefore less water retention.

The heat produced by the Coolwaves™ causes an immediate shrinkage of the collagen fibres in the lower dermis, with a consequent tightening. The final effect is an improvement of skin laxity.

Each 10 minute treatment covers an area 15x15cm in size, this is 1 “ZONE”.

It is possible to have up to 8 “ZONES” treated in each session

Results are achieved after just 1 treatment however they are microscopic results not usually visible to the naked eye, we recommend a minimum of 3 -4 treatments for long lasting results.

Your appointments should be 3-4 weeks apart.

After 3-4 treatments have been performed, it is recommended that you wait another month or so to assess results before deciding if you would like a more (1-3) treatments for further improvement.

Maintenance treatments are performed 6-12 months apart.

There is no evidence to suggest that more treatments done sooner will get a faster result.

NO, it feels like a warm massage. Afterwards the area feels a bit tired like it has been massaged a lot.

There is no downtime you can return to normal activities.

The microwaves emitted by Onda® emission are highly controlled. They are not free-range, meaning they come in & out of the specially designed, patent-pending hand piece. This allows us to have a very precise depth of action, and to avoid any random, uncontrolled transmission in the body. No organs or tissues other than the target fat and lower skin layers are touched by the microwaves. This makes Onda® a very safe system.

Moreover, the handpieces work only when they are in contact with the skin. Therefore, if the handpiece is not in full contact, it will stop emitting, ensuring complete control of the energy delivery.


  • Pregnancy
  • Heart problems
  • Metal implants or pacemakers
  • Severe clotting disorders
  • Current or recent cancer
  • Severe vascular disease
  • Skin disease in the treatment area
  • Uncontrolled diabetes
  • Age <18

Compared to Radiofrequency devices, Onda® is able to deliver the majority of the Coolwaves™ energy through the skin into the layer where the fat cells are located. Since this energy device delivers a more effective treatment, fewer treatment sessions are needed to see results.

The results seen with radiofrequency devices are typically transient (not long-lasting). With Onda®, as we are specifically destroying a proportion of the fat cells, results tend to be much longer lasting and in some cases may be permanent.

Mild side effects including itching, numbness, hardness, warmth, tenderness, redness and swelling. Less commonly, it is possible to develop mild bruising, nodules or blisters at the treatment area, which usually resolve within a few days from the treatment. Studies have shown no significant alteration to the circulating lipid levels in the blood.

See the published white paper “Results on Subdermal Fat Tissue Reduction Using a Novel Microwave Based Body Contouring System”, P.Bonan et al. – Oct 2018
Find out more about Coolwaves™

This treatment is not a weight loss treatment!

It is for people who just can’t get rid of that pocket of fat even though they eat great and exercise heaps.  Or people who have lax skin from ageing or previous weight loss or who have cellulite even though they are not overweight.

It can however assist in fat reduction if you are following a diet and exercise regime for weight loss.

We recommend that you DO NOT moisturise the area for 48 hours before your treatment and afterwards drink plenty of water and only do light exercise like walking


The below prices are for the number of zones treated in a single visit.

These are introductory prices!!! So don’t wait.

1 Zone  10 – 12mins $195

2 Zones 20 – 24mins $330

3 Zones 30 – 36mins $460

4 Zones 40 – 48mins $590

5 Zones  50 – 60mins $720

6 Zones 60 – 72mins  $850

7 Zones 70 – 84mins $980

8 Zones 80 – 96 mins $1100

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