Dermalux LED

Dermalux LED Phototherapy is a non-invasive treatment.
Delivering targeted therapeutic light energy via unique precision Tri-Wave technology.
It promotes a wide range of rejuvenating and corrective improvements for the face and body.

Quick, effective and pain-free without downtime.


Come bare faced or wipe off any make up & SPF when you arrive, we will show you to your bed or chair so you can relax under the light for 20mins then re-apply SPF & go about your day.

2 sessions are recommended each week for 4 weeks. These self serve sessions are a great way to get results as they are quick & low cost.


Instantly boosts the complexion to restore vitality & glow in as little as one treatment. Energises the skin to revitalise a dull complexion, restores luminosity & calms irritation whilst targeting specific skin concerns. Start with a cleanse & light exfoliation, you then spend time under the LED before finishing with a moisturiser for your skin needs.


Our Dermalux CLEAR, FIRM OR BRIGHTEN instantly boosts the complexion to restore vitality & glow to the skin in as little as one treatment. Starting with a cleanse & the power of DERMALOGICA’S POWER PEELS. You then spend time under the powerful LED leaving skin balanced, hydrated, calmed and clear.


Relax, & be pampered with our 75-minute Deluxe Dermalux LED Light Facial that will leave skin instantly energised & glowing. Treat your skin to LED light therapy, a deep cleanse & a targeted masque to reveal radiance & complete luminosity.

This treatment makes a great GIFT as it combines relaxation & RESULTS.


LED Phototherapy is a non-invasive treatment that delivers targeted therapeutic light energy via unique precision Tri-Wave technology to promote a wide range of rejuvenating and corrective improvements for the face and body. It is a quick, effective and pain-free treatment without downtime.

Phototherapy, meaning ‘treatment with light’ is the application of low-level light energy to stimulate or regulate biological processes with proven therapeutic effects. Light is a powerful energy and when applied correctly, has a significant impact on how we look, feel and perform.

The mechanism of action is a natural process known as photobiomodulation, similar to the process used by plants, photosynthesis, where light is converted into energy at a cellular level.

LED Phototherapy is well evidenced for its regenerative and modulating bene ts, without creating trauma, making it safe and suitable for all skin types. The treatment involves exposing the skin to specific clinically proven wavelengths from the visible and infrared part of the light spectrum.

Light energy at proven wavelengths and doses is absorbed by cell molecules called chromophores. Cell response is directly determined by the wavelength and power specification.

Light photons (particles of light) are the energy source which activate the cell mitochondria to convert light energy to oxygen, in the same way our bodies use nutrients from food.

This in turns supercharges cell function and accelerates renewal, recovery and repair processes to promote youthful, healthy and radiant skin.

LED Phototherapy is now recognised as an essential modality for skin care practitioners and is well evidenced for the safe and effective treatment of many problem skin and ageing indications.

In practice, LED Phototherapy offers unique and complimentary benefits and can be integrated in a multitude of ways as a standalone treatment, to enhance treatment results and to minimise downtime. There is no other technology available to skin care practitioners that has such a broad utility for a wide variety of cosmetic and aesthetic applications.

It is possible to have all 3 lights simultaneously, this is the TRI WAVE technology that makes DERMALUX so great.

Dermalux treatment results are cumulative and sessions taken in close succession are generally recommended.