Cosmetic Tattooing

Also known as permanent makeup, cosmetic tattooing is a beauty treatment that involves adding colour to areas or features of your face and other body areas.

These treatments are not available to be booked online.

Feather Brow Cosmetic Tattoo

Also known as MICROBLADING

Super fine ‘hair like’ strokes, to create density, definition and to help fill in gaps for the perfect brow.

With results lasting up to 6-18 months.

Combo Brow Cosmetic Tattoo


Super fine ‘hair like’ strokes and shading tattooed behind existing brow hair to create density, definition and to help fill in gaps for the perfect brow.

With results lasting up to 6-18 months.

Cosmetic tattoo removal

Each session gradually lightens the existing unwanted cosmetic tattoo.

Complete removal is impossible, however this process lightens it to a stage ready to re-do your brows with us.

Sessions must be made 12 weeks apart

All NEW Cosmetic Tattooing Procedures include a “perfecting session” 6-8 weeks later

Frequently asked Questions:

How long does it last?

Everyones skin retains the pigment differently. They fade over time and most clients get a colour boosting touch up approx. every 12 months to keep their brows looking fresh. They may fade a little or a lot and the sharp lines of micro balding may BLUR a little or a lot there is no way of knowing how each individual skin will retain the pigment. Results are not “permanent” result however there may always be pigment visible that will need freshening up for the long term.

We have a Colour Boosting Touch up service (single sessions) available to existing cosmetic tattoo clients for up to 24 months after their initial Tattoo Procedure.

Do you touch up a tattoo done elsewhere?

No. Our touch up service is only for our existing clients. If you have had your brows done elsewhere, we do not go over them until they have faded to our satisfaction so we can do our best work. Once your brows are ready to be re-done full prices apply. We do offer tattoo removal if you are wanting them to fade faster.

How long does it take?

Please allow 2.5 hours for microblading and unto 3.5 hours for combination brows

Can I wear Make up afterwards?

No the area needs to be kept as clean as possible during the healing process

Does it Hurt?

Everyone is different, it is a tattoo so it’s not a pain free procedure! Afterwards you may feel tender and sore.

***cosmetic tattooing is not suitable during pregnancy ***

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