All appointments require a deposit


We use the booking system “FRESHA”. When you book online a deposit is required to confirm the appointment, if you book over the phone or in person you will receive a text or email for you to follow the prompts to make the deposit.

The deposit is redeemed at the appointment or forfeited should any cancellation or rescheduling occur within 24 hours of the appointed time.

If you have a GIFT VOUCHER and want to use that as the deposit just let us know when booking so we can manually override the request for a deposit, you can still book online & leave a deposit if you want to.

To reschedule or cancel please call 47312642 or use the links in your confirmation/reminders messages.

Do not reply to any text messages as these are from a NO REPLY address & will not be seen.

By booking an appointment you are accepting our cancellation policy.


Our salon is not child friendly! It is a quiet, relaxing environment where clients enjoy peaceful facials & massage treatments.

If you are getting a treatment you cannot be attending to your child if they need you without disrupting your treatment which makes it take longer adding stress to the therapist who then doesn’t have the time to do their best work.

Also our staff are not babysitters, as much as we love children (and most of us do) we are at work and our job is to service our clients and give them a great experience.


Please put them on silent & if you need to talk on the phone please go outside.


This allows time for parking/finding us, to go to the bathroom & to fill out any consultation forms. 

Late arrivals will require us to shorten the length of the treatment with full charges applying.


We UPSTAIRS inside “Castlereagh House”

Building number is 8-10.

Between Bubbles Laundry Mat & A Grade Tax accountants there is a breezeway, walk down and on the right there is a glass door with stairs, go upstairs and you will find us.

There’s a video on or Instagram highlights if you need more help otherwise call us if you are lost on 47312642


There is 30min – 1hr parking on our Street right outside our building, on the other side of the round about on Castlereagh St the parking is unlimited and only a 2 min stroll back down the road. 2 – 4 hour parking can be found on Lethbridge St and in the car park across from us & the RSL. You can also park at the RSL.