Elleebana Lash Lift Care

Thank you so much for coming to see me for your lashes! Here is everything you need to know to properly care for your lashes.

Immediately following a lash lift, for a minimum of 24 hours, please avoid heat, steam (including cooking over steaming stovetop), saunas, water, oils, lotions, creams, shampoos, face washes, makeup remover wipes or pads on lashes.

Because your lashes are still malleable (shape-shifting), a side sleeper or face sleeper may notice that one or both eyes may raise or drop, leaving the lashes misshaped. Sleeping on your back is best.

Avoid direct sunlight right after your treatment, as this can weaken the lift lotion and fade the tint.

Avoid face washes and oil-based beauty products as this can also cause lashes to drop prematurely.

You may book your next eyelash lift & tint treatment again around 6-8 weeks. (results will vary along with the longevity of the lift and tint depending on your individual lash cycle and aftercare).

You may use Eyenvy or another lash serum to encourage lash growth and maintain lash integrity after 24 hours.

Enjoy your beautiful Elleebana lashes for the next 6+ weeks!

Henna Brows after Care

  • Do not wet the brows for the first 12 hours
  • Use as little cleaning products as possible
  • Do not apply too many creams to the brows
  • Do not rub the area treated
  • Please note that oil based make up remover can cause the tint to fade quicker
  • Exposure to the sun/UV lights for long periods can cause the tint to fade quicker

Avoid the following for 24hours

  • Heat
  • Brow make-up
  • Sunbathing, as this can cause the tint to fade
  • Swimming/saunas
  • Perfumed products